Here you can see how Platon was put to death by Aristoteles.

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Has Liehremann's dad a contract for Indiana Jones IV?

The next rumor was written in the american newspaper.

The old chronicles that have been found after the rebuildig of the Dong and translated by followers of the whale and illuminated over the centuries, report on many stories which happened during the time of the dinosaurs and on the heroic deeds of the followers of the whale against the slipper-saurs. A major part in the victory of the whalo-saurs was played by the water-dwelling whalosaur flipper-off (or flipper-ab in the prehistoric language that was used back then) of whom the following story, translated into english, will tell:

[...]This was the time when the slippers, under the command of the great Nitschosaur, had the second slipper that had fallen into the sea, which would already have been bad enough, converted into a whaler that was led by the Nitschosaur, the uber-slipper, which was driven by whale- and whalosaurbones, that committed cruel deeds on the prehistoric seas and seemed invincible. But there was one between the followers of the whale, a water-saur, who was incredibly strong and swift and seemed to carry the wisdom of the whale, whom they called AAahahhHahHaHahHHaaHAAAAhaaaaaAHAhHaHAAhahh (which meant something like "the big, strong, swift servant of the whale") or AAahahhH for short, who was later renamed to Flipper(Ah)-ab, which meant Flipper(Ah)-off in the prehistoric language, who dared to fight the sea-slipper and knew, for he was wise, that he could win. Many weeks he looked for the boat without finding it, but when he eventually saw the white, smoke exhausting boat on the horizon, he knew, for he was wise, what to do. He swam around the slipper with such speed, that all harpoons fired at him only pierced the water, and when the Nitschosaur had commanded the last shot and the last harpoon had been wasted, AAahahhH attacked by slaying the Nitschosaur and destroying the slipper-boat with a gigantic stroke of his flipper. But the unholy strap of the white slipper cut the flipper off, and ever since this day he was called Ah-ab. This was a hard blow to the slippersaurs that brought the decision in the war. [...]

This story was re-written and distributed by the slippers for to make anti whale propaganda. They invented the story about Captain Ahab in order to drag Ah-abīs name in the mud and misrepresented the whales as murderers and beasts. We hope that the publication of this translation will spread the truth.