Pictures of the Illuminated
(Dongparty 2000)

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Huth, Liehr, Atze and Matthi (left to right)
Here you can see Atze with the cheap whine from Milano.
again the whine.
..with a large gulp..
bo and liehr while drinking.
Here the Huth is really drunken and...
...2 minutes later he visits the bathroom.
Afterwards he is well again.
Liehremann isn't able to open the bottle of whine... we all helped him...
...until it was open.
What does Liehr whith the disgusting Knötz?
And Matthi smiles...
...and smiles.
Roland tries to drink 6 Beer in one hour.
Roland looks at his mirror image after these 6 beers.
This is Matthi out of Roland's view.
Then he tries to play guitar.
When Roland was asleep we tried to fill him with pot rum.