"While the Dong Open Air had been a "must" among the summer festivals, it can now officially be labled as "cult", and those who were not there this year should definitely note down next year's edition of the festival! For, as the recent editions has spectacularly proved, here you don't just get your money's worth in music and what presenter can claim to have obliged the weather gods for the pyrotechnics?" (Source: metalius.de)


 NEWS  31/03/04  Advance sale has started by Liehremann 

View all prices at "tickets". Order your ticket now via e-mail.

 UPDATE  19/02/04  English Dong Homepage finally launched by Wemser 

Long time ago it was planed, often we've been remembered by someone - finally it happend:

The Dong Open Air homepage is finally translated (nearly) complete into english language!!! That makes it possible for our friends in metal from allover the world to inform themselves what D:O:A rocks like!

Many thanks from me and the whole org.team to Insa, who made a good of it by tranlating nearly all of our infos. Just for the translation of Liehr's D:O:A 2003 review she earned a fucking great respect! Best thanks again ;-)