The Suidakra concert

Like the maiden got the child...

...I got to a concert yesterday, February 3rd, which created an atmosphere that really was a little different from what I had been used to.
It all began with ol' Oli (being the brother of the illuminated owl and procurer of CD´s we already considered vanished from the market - thanks again for the "A Burnt Offering For The Bone Idol") calling me in the morning and giving me the choice between going to the 2,50DM cinema and a Suidakra concert in Düsseldorf, of which he himself didn't know exactly whether it would take place at all.
So I hasten to the rooftop in front of the computer in order to find a confirmation, of course missing the date on the Suidakra homepage.
But after the Yppah Nomed drummer Dennis had phoned me in order to tell me the same thing, it was clear how the evening would be filled.

It started at half past six, and after about half an hour on the motorway Atzes car Tschacka (no idea of the correct orthography), laden with Bo, Dennis, Henrike, myself and of course Atze didn't feel like driving any more, switched off the engine, and let us roll one and a half kilometres across the standing lane.
When Atze mentioned he'd stop at the next layby and call for the ADAC, the car seemed to get the wind up and started again.
After one or two more blackouts and a fey bonus laps through Düsseldorf Benrath and Hassels, we eventually arrived at the spektaculum, which turned out top be a large room in a school, equipped with a bar and a few benches and tables a bit aside.
But the room was in no way comparable to the Bochum pit, it was more like our living room, or a party cellar.
But since only one hundred to one hundred and fifty Knüselheads appeared, it was really cosy in there.

When we arrived, the first band was already performing. Some real evil-bad-facepainting-black metal band called "Eternal Frost", that we really wasn't to our liking, which was not just because of the rotten sound.
Then some guys, whom I dismissed as roadies toted new instruments onto the stage, and immediately started playing.
The singer was some Stefan Grafschaft lookalike, so at first I thought "What the heck is grunge or new metal (in my opinion, that's a bad name for bands like Korn; that just ain't metal) doing here, but the dude at once started grunting, and it came out to be death metal that really rocked. By the way, the band's name is "Mabus" and their sound as well as their technique was great; as far as I can tell).
Let me quote the singer, who was in a really cool mood:
"And now, we'll play the next song for the first time in the world. The song is so new, not even I know the whole text." (takes a DINA4 sheet out of his pocket), or "The next song is called "UUÄÄÄÄÄAAAAAHHHHH".
The last band before Suidakra was "Drown Inc." and also provided very good music, while the singer tried to shoot the guitarist with the crown cork while opening his beer.

Then finally the time had come, Suidakra entered the stage and got going.
At the beginning the keyboard as well as the guitars were amped to low, which was quickly remedied.
The fun really started with the second song, "Wartunes" , and the living room was being filled with rotating hair.
Some individuals in the lot really caught the eye, for example a guy, who was really taking off in the second row wearing a COAT, hugging everyone and shouting into their ears (some immediately thought of the BSE-crisis and the convulsing bulls) and a small dude, who was sitting on the brim of the not so high stage, and was behaving like he was pulling one Johny after the other, and often fell into violent shaking of his curly head.
But not to be topped by anyone was the little man with the flötscheye, who also did Suidakra of his presence.
He is propably one of the greatest metal-fans in the world, as he is present at all metal festivals (often at several different places in the same time).
But this is at conflict with his behaviour, for harly anybody can manage to attend a great concert and nevertheless carry such a bored impression his face and move only if it's inevitable.

But also Arkadius, Daniela, Germano, Stefan and F.T. seemed to be in a good mood and gave the fans hell with the following repertoire: After "A Darksome Path" and "Wartunes", "A Menhirs Clay", "Strayed in Nowhere", "Rest in Silence", "Havoc", "Well of Might", "Gates of Nevermore", "Morrigan", "Dragonbreed" and at last "Lays from Afar" sounded.
Right, a rather short performance of the headliner, but that was because the new guitarist Germano unfortunately had not practised more songs yet, and so they played "Wartunes" again as an encore, which rocked even more than the first time.

This photograph could also come from the whalistic galleries.

Already before the concert we had decided to wait a while afterwards, in order to intercept the Suidakras for some smalltalk, and so we had the luck - while Dennis rolled out his prayer carpet and prayed to F.T.'s drumsticks - to briefly get to know the charming keyboarder Dani personally (who by the way has immortalized herself in the Dongbook!).
When Atze afterwards wanted to look around for the little fat man in order to ask him for his name, he was already gone. (Propably already on the next concert...)

Nevertheless it was an UTMOST excellent evening, 'cause the whole fun had only cost us



Better to go now...


P.S. The next time Suidakra will be playing near the dong will be on 02.21.2001, at Zeche Carl in Essen.
Further dates can be found at