Atze, m.One of the Illuminated (see Book, chapter "The talks of Atze the Wise").
Big Bang, n.Crash of Hugo and Siegfried
Book, n.Don’t ask, read! (see Downloads; we are still translating)
Bo, n.One of the illuminated (see Book, chapter "The prophecies of the prophät" ) , Dong prototype of an alien.
DIEBELSPaul Watson´s pre-historical beer, which is blessed by him.
Dong, f.The holy region north-east of Neukirchen-Vluyn, west of Moers and far, far east of unholy Rheurdt. Created by Paul Watson as the contrary to the Slipperschurch of Rheurdt; it has at its disposal the most modern technologies of mankind.
Dongblues, nKind of the whalistic pre-historical-music , which is played by the Dong Big Band and which describes the essence of life.
Dong Big BandRose in the Dong, founded by the owl, by the Prängelbearer and by the Huth.
Dong Teleporter, nDTeleporter, which was built by the Dong. It exploits the illusion of time to shorten the journey.
Stupidity, nType of character of all slippers, anti-alcoholics, smokers and so on.
Illuminated, mChosen ones, which all have a DNA blessed by Paul Watson. Relieved by the Dong to fight the slippers and to protect mankind of them.
Owl, f.See Roland
Fishprängel, nThe pre-historical-divine ritual weapon given by Paul Watson, which opens everything (Slippers burn up by touching it)
Grinning, nSee pre-historical-grinning
Hugo/Siegfred, mThe two pre-historical-Whales, who created everything by their crash (more informations on the webpage and in the Book)
Huth, mOne of the illuminated (see book, chapter "Of Huth")
Illusion, nEverything, that seems to be real, for example time and as consequence of this space
The small thick man with the strange eye, who appears on every concert, m.A little and thick man, who is sighted on every concert. He has a strange looking eye, which probably is his ticket for every concert, given by Paul Watson. He’s also one of the illuminated.
Knü, m., f., nGreat all-embracing pre-historical term of Whalism. The only sound Paul Watson articulated distinctly. It has in theory 3798 meanings, but only a few are known, yet (except Matthi (see Grinning/pre-historical Grinning), like to fir (Norway) and dim-witted
Liehr, mOne of the illuminated (see book, chapter "The thoughts of the Liehremann")
MANTELFÅLLLong and dark coat, at least to the knees.
Matthi, mOne of the illuminated (see book, chapter "Matthi´s thesis"
pre-historical-Grinning, n.Someone who knows all the meanings of Knü (like Matthi) reaches bliss and as consequence the pre-historical-Grinning
pre-historical-SlipperPrehistorical footwear, see U-Wä
pre-historical-Stomach, n.Unlimited Pizza- and Diebelsgranary which is tied on Huth.
pre-historical-Whale, m.See Paul Watson/Hugo/Siegfried
pre-historical-Whalehunter, m.Arose after the Big Bang and since this time he chases Paul Watson, but he was slain by the mighty pre-historical-Flipper of PW. Thereafter his left slipper fell on the place today called Rheurdt.
Prängelbearer, msee Atze
Rheurdt, nCommune, where (after the combat between Paul Watson and the pre-historical-Whaler) the slipper of the pre-historical-Whaler landed, which is hold in awe by the order of the Slippers.
Roland, mOne of the illuminated (see book, chapter "The (forbidden???) wisdom of the Owl")
PW, mSee Paul Watson
Slipper, nSee pre-historical-Slipper
Slippers, m.Ignorant heretics, who praise in unholy rituals the pre-historical-Slipper and who try to continue the work of the pre-historical-Whaler. Their influence reaches from Rheurdt to Japan (for example)
U-Wä, m.See pre-historical-Whaler
Whalism, mReligion of the Whalists
Whalist, m.Supporter of Whalism which praises Paul Watson and which tries to follow all the 3798 pre-historical-divine-orders.
Watson, Paul, m.The great divine pre-historical-Whale, Annihilator of the pre-historical-Whaler, protector of mankind (shortened: PW)
Wemser, mOne of the illuminated